Chris Menist

Chris Menist is a writer, DJ and musician who has been based in South Asia until last year. He currently resides in the UK.

Alongside his DJ partner Maft Sai (ZudRangMa Records) he has hosted the Paradise Bangkok nights for the last 3 years, showcasing vintage Asian sounds as well as music from Africa and the Caribbean. The duo have also taken these nights to Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK to great acclaim. At their 3rd Anniversary in February, the duo launched their new Paradise Bangkok imprint, which seeks to unearth little known musical gems from across Asia and Africa.

In addition, he has co-curated the Sounds of Wonder series with the Finders Keepers label in the UK, that focusses on reissuing gems from the EMI Pakistan archive, as well as compiling (with Maft Sai) the Sound of Siam (Soundway) and Thai? Dai! (Finders Keepers) compilations of vintage Thai luk thung, molam and psych music. His most recent project Qat, Coffee and Qambus : Raw 45s from Yemen has just been released by Dust-To-Digital.